Sunday, July 03, 2005

home sweet home

All has been crazy and my blog has been pushed to the side, i don't know how many people are going to look at this since i am home now but i figure i have tons more pictures from eurotour that i'll post mainly them. The journey home was a long and tiring one, starting in Aalborg on the 22nd, spending the day in Copenhagen with two great guys Mike and Bjarke (danish exchange student in my school last year), we walked around saw Christiania (free state in denmark) and just enjoying the lovely weather. Our night was spent saying goodbye and drinking that final danish beer. The 23rd started out in the airport repacking suitcases and just talking with some of my best friends. Exchange students ruled the airport there was at least 25 students to say goodbye to the three of us that were leaving, so with no sleep and no caffine i boarded my plane with Mike to Frankfurt germany at 8 in the morning, i slept on mike most of the way to germany having not slept well for about a week i was dead tired. the run through the german airport was fun, then we saw the line to our plane it was huge. so we started talking to toursists and just relaxing a little we boarded yet again another plane and mike and i were stuck in the middle not very comfortable i can tell you that. after an hour delay on the ground we finally got going on our 8 hour flight home again me falling asleep on mike and vise versa the flight landed and customs was still to come easy as pie being an exchange student helps too! so we collect our lugage and pretty well ran through the gates to see our parents waiting a beautiful site to sees those faces you know and love so well. the funny thing was everyone else had flowers and things for their loved ones and my dad had a box of donuts for mike and i, after locating all my stuff we walked out to the parking lot speaking danish to our parents and laughing. my final rotary goodbye was to my best friend mike, no tears shed at that one though we will see each other again. i managed to stay awake during dinner but shortly there after i crashed for a good 12 hours 8:30pm to 8:30am i felt so much better after that sleep. Theres more i need to say but i need to think about what happened the next few days. Vi ses (see you)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Again random sculpture in Berlin i saw it and had to take a picture

The church that was bombed during the war in the centre of Berlin

Crazy german art, this is where we stopped for picnic, we ate picnic every day it was fun just to sit and talk with everyone.

The gate in Berlin, i think the only reason we went that way was for Starbucks oh it was soo good after ten months of no good coffee.

Another memorial, tons of them in Berlin and we saw pretty well all of them.

Some random thing i saw and ran after its really neat.

Memorial at CheckPoint Charlie

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Some crazy German arcitexture (cant spell), alot of my pics are taken from the bus so sorry about the reflection.

The famous painting on the wall i forget who it is but whatever.

My place on the wall, one lady came by as we were signing the wall and she gave us this speach on how hard the artists worked on thier paintings etc etc when the part we were signing wasnt even visible as to what it might have been.

So lets start from the beginning, the Berlin Wall everyone.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


The past few months have again been packed full of amazing once in a lifetime adventures. to start off in febuary we had a week long vacation with SNOW!!!!!! i was happy spending more time with my family at a summer house near another fjord we spent the week shopping eating and just relaxing. I got to visit one of the tallest light houses in denmark and almost threw up on the winding stairs up to the top but the view was worth it. Feburary also brought getting ready for my malta trip with my class, we studied and worked in our groups to be "tour guides" for the rest of the class. and finially the day we were all waiting for came waking up at 5 am to make sure i had everything and get to the bus on time. The way we got to Malta kinda reminds me of the steve martin film "Trains. planes and automobiles" you took a bus then a train and another train and finally the plane to beautiful malta, we spent a week enjoying everything the small island had to offer, from food and drink to history from long ago. It was also a week of building friendships and just learning more and more about myself. the best part was the american shops i was so happy to see a Lush store and a Claire´s my friends laughed at how happy i got. there was one sad note about our trip most of my class caught a stomach flu and was very sick including myself i was the last person to get sick as we were driving home from the train station. during march i also moved to my third and last host family, i feel very at home with them joking and playing around just having a good time also its nice to have someone who can relate to you my host sister was an exchange student in 7070 last year. along with easter in the lovely month of March we ate traditional danish dinner and got chocolate. spending time with my whole family was really nice too. So april brought the wonderful weather and the best time of the year my birthday!!!!! i had the best danish birthday got sung to in the morning and could see the flag up in my honor outside my window Danes really only put the flag up on special days, so i went to school and had lots of cake a joke steaming from the malta trip where i ate 2-3 pieces of cake a day 5 on our last. so i had my two different cakes at school and came home to clean up talk with my mom and dad and get ready for all my guests my first two host families and my councellour came over for coffee, so i opened presents and got some lovely danish necklaces and a danish amusment park gaurd made of glass. we ate more cake, the traditional cake in the shape of a girl with candy all over it and layer cake so in total i ate 9 pieces of cake on my birthday. I surprised one of my best canadian friends it being her birthday too i placed a late night call and made her cry but it was such a nice thing to be able to hear her, and it made hers and mine day all the better. i also got to go to our family weekend on Fyn one of the two main Danish islands, we played games and had compitions all weekend, ate drank danced and sung it was really neat, and everyone knew i was the exchange student so they would start talking to me in english and i would reply in danish so that was a laugh, but as april comes to a close euro tour approaches and my home date looms near. i'm excited and ready to come home, see my family and hug my nephews but i dont want to leave my new best friends my new families and my new home town. i'm spilt into two my canadian self and my danish self, both persons are the same but they are at the same time completely different. after talking with my best friend Mike i wrote this:

time is gone as fast as a lightening bolt in the midnight sky.the point of impact never really known except to those there.feeling at home with ourselves, meeting our true brothers and sisters in that lightening bolt.they build what is missing without really trying, different are all of us but we know the truth we are one, breathing the same air, walking in the same path until your real life crosses and it's time to say farvel to the rest of your heart, body and soul a part of you is lost while others have been found the memories that will out last us the faces grow with age but the heart looks the same it did that first day.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Mette and Janna before we went out for a night on the town to see John Rock the winner from danish Popstars a couple years ago.

Third birthday cake, this is a traditional birthday cake with candy and marcipan on it, it was soo good. It means congradulations Courtney 17 years.

My birthday flag, danes really only fly the flag on special days and birthdays are one of them. I could see my flag from my window in the morning

MMMM CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had to eat my cake really fast cause the bell had gone for class

Second birthday cake, the whole cake thing was born in malta where i ate cake pretty well everyday our last day i ate 5 pieces of cake.

One of the many birthday cakes i had, my friend Gitte made it for me mmmmmm yummy.

My old host sister Nannas gymnastic team, its huge in Denmark kinda like dance and gymnatisics combined i had a good time watching them.

Christina and me shes my new wicked host sister we went to Mormors house (grandma) and the family took a walk around it was nice.

Waiting in the Copenhagen Airport for our train, again we all wanted to sleep.

Waiting in the Maltese Airport, everyone was ready to sleep.

Gitte looking so sweet, again another rainy day.

Me Jens and Maj on one of the nicest days we had.

Mette, Maj, Gitte and me on our first day in Malta. NO sun but we had fun anyway.

JP while we were waiting for the train that was late.

Års Fest, big year end school party. Solvejg, Mette and Myself we were dressed as gansters, it was a fun night.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Danish birthday

i had a lovely birthday and thank you everyone for the cards and warm wishes, it made the day all that more speical. I had a wonderful day that kicked off with singing and opening presents, a lovely day of weather and cake eating and presents at school, i love my friends they do really make your year on exchange all the better. Came home and talked to my parents nice to talk with them, clean and set up for all my host families and councellour coming for coffee, we had a lovely dinner and just talked, then changed and greated my guests, opened more presents i got three really nice necklaces very danish ones, money for my eurotour, and a danish Tivoli Gaurd (Tivoli is the danish word for amusment park) made of glass its really nice. so we sat and talked about everything, i saw the new girl coming to my club when i leave she seems very nice and fun, i hope she has a good time in Thisted, after everyone was gone and we had cleaned up, i called Adrienne causeing her to cry, it was funny she didnt realize it was me and then bam it hit her and she cried, so we talkd for like 20 minutes just about life and stuff and how good i made her day, which made me happy. and then with my cake filled belly (i ate 8 peices of cakes, i had 4 different cakes that day) i crawled into bed and dreamed the sweetest dreams.

Monday, April 04, 2005


The past three months have been a whirlwind of adventure, learning and growing. First being away from my family at the most important time of year, Christmas, learning how to get back into the swing of school and then getting another break, and learning about me. The best thing about being a Danish student is our seond year class trip, a study tour relating to at least two of our subjects. Mine was the best. The first week of March my class ventured by bus, train and plane to the small island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea- a place of giants, underground cities, catacombs, and temples. It has been by far one of the best weeks of my "Danish life", and the fact I spent it with the best people on the earth made it all the more worth while. We spent all week travelling the small island. From the not so nice weather to lovely sunny days it was a trip to remember. I got to practice using my English, and I can tell you now if I start speaking Danish to anyone when I get home I’m very sorry. It’s so hard to break out of a language I’ve been learning and speaking the past 7 months. Woah- 7 months I’ve been here, and yes it starts to feel like home more and more. About the study tour- we were focusing mainly on the structure of buildings and history so we looked at a lot of churches. I’ve never been to church so much in one week. The temples on Malta are amazing- they were built for giants! Everywhere you go on Malta you see water and I loved it. We experienced the night life, the food, and the schools. Along with studying the history of Malta we got to visit a school and talk with students and share with them our school system in Denmark and how we live. It was so nice to talk English but again I kept throwing in Danish words. There was one sad point about our journey however, everyone got sick. I managed to stay healthy all week and got sick on the train ride home. It was awful- the stomach flu all around. We travelled from Malta to her sister island Gozo on our last day to visit again more temples. I can say now that I am fully intrigued by them- what did they mean to the people who built them and how were they built? But the best part of my whole trip was spending time with my class, getting to know them more and more everyday, and bonding over my last few months here. It’s hard to think that in 4 months I might be writing from home about how wonderful my exchange was. My best friend is so cute- she won’t let me talk about coming home. I’m going to miss everyone who has made this part of my year rule. Mediterranean MediterraneanMediterranean

Thursday, March 10, 2005


I have tales of a far off acient land, a place long forgotten, built underground, the home of giants and temples. This place is called Malta, a small Mediterranean island off the coast of Italy. I just spent one of the best weeks of my life in this place with some of the best people i know, i just loved it from the churches to the underground temples to the history, we had an amazing time runing through catacombs where St. John lived to the hypogeum an underground temple built around 2000 years before christ......

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Winter Break

So i really didnt explain winter break but it was good just a really nice time hanging out with my family, shopping, seeing DK, that kind of stuff it was weird though cause i knew it would be one of the last times i saw all of them cause i move after i come home from Malta three days to be exact its going to be kind of weird, but i think my new family will be really nice. Theres not much else to say that the pictures dont. I'm leaving for Malta early tuesday morning and i'm really excited for that, then i'm going to a concert the end of march and another for my brithday should be fun then eurotour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i should go clean my room before i leave and its pretty gross.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The fjord a nice place the waters cold and salty, but its really pretty and thats like the other side of town.

Frokost Caffe the best place to eat ever, i always get a pita kebab i love them we go down on Thursdays when my class has physics free.

Step-in is a really cool store where i sometimes look at clothes i havent bought alot since i got here, weird uhn its me.

Kvickly is like A&P although A&P still kicks butt.

The solcenter, how i love thee i can not explain, it has made me happy when the skies are gray and its cheap.

This is a murial in town on the way home, i think its really well done and it is my town.

I went for a walk one day cause it was really nice and i took pictures of all my favorite things in town, number 1 the bakery no wonder i'm so fat!

Pretty summer house, its a very common thing in DK to have straw on the roofs i think its really neat and you can tell how old a house is by the straw.

Beach winter really cold frist time i wore my board gloves all year i really miss being the blue monster.

Snow in DK, this is what we drove in to the cottage, it was bad driving and took us 3 hours when it should have only taken two!

Me playing badminton in my new shorts i love them and i really suck at badminton i beat my host aunt but not by much.

Martin and Morten working on the snow man/bunny i'm not quiet sure what it is, but they did it without help from the expert so who can blame them.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Whats great about DK?

Well I will tell you all about it, we just get back into the swing of school from christmas break a mere month and a half ago only to be confronted with yet again another break, this time winter break, unlike us lovely canadians danish kids only have around 6 weeks of summer break while we have ten so you must make up for those 4 weeks somewhere. We are headed to a cottage for most of the week i believe and i'm really excited it should be lots of fun catching up on some reading swimming and just having fun with my siblings.
The even better thing about DK is that after my lovely one week midwinter break i have one week and one day til my class trip to Malta and after that only two weeks of school (i believe) until winter break aww its amazing. Basking here in the glow of my computer listening to Stevie Wonder imagining all the wonderful things coming my way life just can't get better.

Hope you all have a wonder time and cant wait to see you soon.

Monday, February 07, 2005

This is my other best friend Mette, i'm really going to miss her too, but Gitte and Mette said they would come visit me sometime and i am for sure coming back to DK.

This is my best friend Gitte, she's like an older sister and really cool, i'm going to really miss her when i come home.

This is the beer they brew in my town, if you live in Copenhagn and your like high class you drink THY.

Us practising for soccer, can you believe i played soccer?

Festelavns bøller they taste soooo good, you put icing on them after and they have like a vanillia pudding type filling, must make them when i get home.

øåØåMy festelavns costume, its pretty much the danish version of Halloween except they beat a cat out of a barrel, i'll explain in a later post.


And for those of you who dont speak danish, it means nice. So i really love danish school, it feels like i've just gotten back into the swing from christmas break and what do they do give me another one starting Valentines day, as for the past little bit its been great. I got to spend lots of time with my class friends at the school party, and again at a friends party saturday night, it was very very nice. We went to town after for a little and guess what i met another Canadian an older guy (think Jeremy) who was travelling to Norway and drinking his way there, it was nice to talk with someone with out them being self concious of their english although he did speak differently from me being a parie boy, oh the weekend was fun and next weeks looking to be awesome. I've put up some new pictures i hope you enjoy!

Saturday, January 29, 2005


I had a good week this last one, except for finding out about Tamara. Some of you may not know but Tamara Drummond was in a pretty serious car accident, i sometimes think of this lady as an older sister, as she kicks my butt to get in shape or as i take care of her lovely little daughter. I was in shock when my dad emailed i couldnt believe anything like that could happen but it does. other than that my week has been fun, i played 4 on 4 soccer with some girls from my class. i shouldnt be allowed to play any sport. i made dinner never could compete with my fathers but i tried didnt i, i found out all the crazy stuff i can do with my camera after having it for more than a year i find out i can take black and whites, and sepia tones i was sooooo amused!!!! well i better go finish cleaning my room ughhh i've almost finished and maybe i'll take a bike ride work on my jacket a bit more! its coming along i'll take a picture and upload it.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Host moms birthday cont.

I'm not sure where i left off. But the party was awesome not like a canadian party at all. Feeding 65 people for a birthday would we even consider that? i'll post some pictures once i make them a little brighter, my camera isnt the best but it works for what i want, thanks jer! Most of you wont believe this but i actually somewhat miss exams, the finall rush to finish isu's, cramming last minute for tests, and exams the going to school in pjs for only 2 hours only to be super happy when its all done. Giving me time to snowboard (no snow here) and hang out help mom and dad with whatever project they have in store. its weird being here, i love it and the time is flying to when i come home like its almost february when i'm hopefully going to Århus to visit a friend. I must go help my mor with stuff.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Host moms 50th

So last night was my host moms 50th birthday. a super big deal anywhere but even more in DK, we rented out a hall, had a band, and there was like 64 people there from 6 til who knows when in the morning. it was fun unlike us they sing lots of songs changing the words and using old tunes (kinda like what we did for Grandma and Grandpas anniversy a couple years back), everything is very fun champagne when you get there tons of toasts, you toast after pretty well every song, and there are speaches that kinda thing. I miss having a head table like the birthday family sitting together we all got spread out i dont no i just thought it was odd. I talked with tons of people about my exchange cause ellen talks to everyone about me, and i spoke danish everyone keeps telling me how amazing it is and i just go ok i dont know i dont think i'm that good. I have all the pictures on the computer and i'll put them on a little later i've been on too long i should get dressed and do something productive i'll tell more about the party later.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

I lived to tell

Ok so yesterday was possibly the worst storm i have ever been in. Some of you may have heard about it on the news or not but it was nuts. The wind was the worst in all of the country were i live due to the fact we are pretty well right on the coast and are surrounded by a fjord. It started early just raining and normal danish weather then it got really really windy my third host family called and asked if i wanted to go to the coast (crazy danes) and i said yes so we drove out. Got covered in salt water and you could lean back and not fall it was craziness. My host dad is a police officer so you think he'd be mr. safety i knew better look at who my father is. so we went to two different points of the coast. We stopped getting out cause it was sooo cold and you were wet and ugh it was just gross. after being out for an hour or so on our way back the police said on the radio unless you had to be out stay in side. I went and had coffee with my family to warm up, as soon as the hot chocolate was ready bam out goes the power and this is also after we just saw on tv they were evacuating parts of my town. as you can imagine i was kinda freaked hello i'm from canada we just get snow. So i went home hoping that there would be power were i live but no the whole town was down. Also on the way home there is a little short cut so we drove that way and there were two massive trees we had to climb over to get to my house. I had a nap cause what else is there to do. the power came back on we made dinner and again as soon as dinner was ready bam out it goes again so we had dinner by candle light, and relaxed again. finally the power came back on and it was the last time it went out my host mom and i were happy we had the rest of dinner and watched a movie. The wind was still blowing and scaring me. I was like a little kid. My mor was telling me about how the last time the power went was in 1999, and i told her we expect it go out at least once or twice during the winter. She just couldnt believe it. well i better go call the parentals to tell them i'm still alive.

Thats one of the uprooted trees in our backyard. My mor was having a flip out cause she loves those trees.  Posted by Hello

This is me, Christina and Mads (Mess) my third set of host siblings. We kept being blown by the wind during the picture. Posted by Hello

We drove to the coast about 20 minutes and this was the water, mom you'd die if you were out in this. I'm amazed i kept my camera steady thats how bad the wind was. Posted by Hello

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